Imagine being the main character in one of the
most inspiring, motivational and instructional sports stories of the year!

Sports offered by digital download program or online access:
Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Football, Golf and Volleyball 

With over 75 pages in this digital educational book, "Storybook Champions" will inspire our young people to take action in their lives and help them to make better decisions with today's difficult challenges. 

Loaded with motivational sports stories, this fantastic new book takes a personalized approach to developing character, attitude, values and awareness in our young people. Recommended for children ages 5 to 15. Each book also contains a special section on skill development for their selected favorite sport - delivered by their selected favorite athlete!

You provide the personalized information for each child and then we create the magic:

  • Name, Gender, Birth Date
  • School - Favorite Teacher
  • Parent's Names
  • Favorite Sport - Favorite Athlete
  • Best Friend's Name
  • City and State


"It's time to put the X-Box and Playstation away for a few hours and loose yourself in 'Storybook Champions!' I encourage parents to read this book with their kids. So many great lessons, examples and ideas to help your children become the best they can be!"

"I am looking forward to purchasing the CD-ROM when it comes available. This will make a great addition to my summer basketball camps. Great story - great message! Thank you!"

"You are really on to something here Jamie. Not only is this book creative and inspirational, it provides skill and attitude development with a powerful message... great, great job!"

"As usual, great job with this. I was able to print off a story for my five year old and when I started telling him the story, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning!"

"Absolutely phenomenal! I will be reading a lesson from this book to my homeroom each day for the next month! By personalizing so much of this story you immediately capture the readers attention and you want to read on. Just outstanding!"

"What a great idea! Right on the money! What a difference this information will make for many young athletes. Great life lessons - thanks."

Own Your Very Own Digital Personalized Copy of the Storybook Champions Today!

With this new interactive downloadable program or online membership, you can create unlimited quantities of ALL SEVEN sports that "Storybook Champions" offers for as many different individuals as you wish, right from your home computer. This program allows you to create, view, print or e-mail your completed story. Easy step-by-step installation instructions will have you creating your very own "Storybook Champions" in minutes!

Sports offered by digital download program or CD-ROM: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Football, Golf and Volleyball

Internet connection is NOT necessary to run the downloadable program. Sorry, only IBM running Windows is available - will not work on Mac Computers.  

Internet connection IS necessary for the online membership option and can be accessed on any computer or phone with internet access.

$19.95 Downloadable Program
$21.95 Online Program

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